Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review: Clarisonic Mia 2

After years of glancing at the pricey Clarisonic products at the spa, I finally treat myself to what at close to $150 might be the most expensive washcloth ever produced.
The Clarisonic Mia2 has oversized packaging complete with skin elasticity curve charts that explain little and after images of fluorescent makeup removed via Clarisonic or manual cleansing. Instructions indicate two speeds for a timed cleansing cycle of 60 seconds with three zones: forehead for 20 seconds, nose/chin for 20 seconds, then each cheek for 10 seconds. Now skeptical, I suspect even a washcloth if used for a full minute can improve results. Who has a minute?

Then I tried it. Then my fifteen-year old daughter tried it.

From the first use, my skin felt cleaner, fresher and tighter. I splashed on toner and could feel it penetrate the skin. By the second day, the pores across the bridge of my nose were visibly smaller and the tissue under my eyes looked brighter. By the third day, I wondered if I might be imagining the uneven texture pockets shrinking. The pores on my forehead were also retreating. By day five, I calculated how long it would take to use on my entire body.

My daughter wants one and I foresee never needing another facial. Now I might pay a monthly subscription fee to keep my Mia2. My face is as smooth as a Barbie’s thigh and flawlessly absorbs skin creams. Those lavish serums and moisturizers can now reach my skin and do their job. Yes!

No washcloth ever made me hold my head higher. That is worth any price.