Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mustaches & Misunderstandings

Deadlines are hanging around my neck and I need a good laugh. So today features a few snapshots of family life inspired by recent blogs.

Glennon’s hilarious parent-teacher conference post reminded me of  the endearing things kids say or do at school.

Almost ten years ago, my 3-year old son and I were walking through a store parking lot in Houston when we passed a very tall black man heading to his car. He says LOUDLY “That’s a big, black f@%k.” I tripped and look down HORRIFIED only to find him pointing at this gigantic Texas-sized jacked-up shiny pickup truck. Too embarrassed to ask, I'm not sure if the man was laughing at the cute kid or his wide-eyed pale mother.

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This same boy at two-years old created his own curse word. I know, he is a special one. He didn’t have the language for “f@%#ing a$&#0!e”, so he made up “bodo.” The pre-school teacher thought it was adorable, until she realized my translation was spot-on correct. Special, right?

Mir’s post on super-nerdy socks hit home and had me NEEDING some fabulous new socks.

I loved it so much that I surfed Amazon and blew $60 on funky socks with capes, mustaches and lightening bolts. Fortunately, only my eleven-year old (and former potty mouth) helped with the selections, or we might have racked up quite a bill.

A few days later the magic box with an arrow arrived filled with an assortment of weird fabulous socks: my favorites, a yellow pair with black mustaches, a red pair with lightning bots, a lavender pair with unicorns, and three caped wonders featuring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Pretty cool, huh?

My nine-year-old loved the mustache socks and immediately put them on. When his older brother got home and saw the socks on the counter, he shrieked, “Where’s the mustache ones?” Before I responded, he raced off to find his little brother. I had no idea they would be such a hit.

Next came the shrieking and the laughing. My kids got into a wrestling war to rip them off each other’s feet while screaming like barbarians. Happy screaming complete with dragging bodies, flaying arms and legs, and raucous giggles. Even the dog got in on the action, but I am pretty sure he didn’t end up with the socks.


  1. Every holiday I buy my kids holiday socks, and they wear them year round. I'm washing bunnies in winter and reindeer in mid-June. I'm giggling at your potty mouth. My son used to swear at the top of his voice in the bathtub because he thought we couldn't hear him through the door.

  2. That's hilarious and rather awesome :-D