Friday, March 16, 2012

Bucket List

Purple Gallinule
“Cross that off the bucket list,” Susan said.

“Was dancing to Thriller with a hundred children on your bucket list?” I asked with arms outstretched to the side.

“Not until today,” she said laughing.

The term is certainly familiar, but I never made one. My lists tend to be more tactical, survival strategies to meet the immediate needs of my family or various organizations.

I am a list maker--errands to run, groceries to buy, tasks to complete, calls to make, projects to tackle. My lists cover meetings, lunches, books, and contractors, lessons to plan, appointments for the pets, cars, house, and the children. Some lists get checked off in a day, others get saved for years. When my youngest child entered kindergarten, I had big plans for my newfound free time. That orange post-it note included a dozen items, some still not completed almost five years later. Sometimes I overestimate what I can accomplish in a day, week or year.

This idea of my own bucket list inspires hope and direction. What do I want to do with my days, my weeks and my years? Time to make a new list – below is a start. 
  1. Earn master’s degree – in progress (over 50% complete, yahoo!)
  2. Grow a hydrangea – I have killed six rounds of these bushes spanning two states
  3. Learn how to use every feature on the camera (without cursing)
  4. Attend a writer’s conference
  5. Watch whales in Alaska and/or Newfoundland
  6. Write a book

New ideas are percolating. Latest assignment on my checklist of things to do - add 95 items to bucket list. Do you have a list of experiences you hope to accomplish? Share a few! 


  1. You have an interesting and varied list. Those items look like they would make some pretty good chapters in a book ... Maybe a memoir in the future?

    I'd like to someday travel more, maybe visit Europe with my daughters. And P.S., I have a couple of hydrangeas too, they are so pretty. Mine are planted among some ornamental grass, for a beachy type of look. Have a nice weekend, Valerie!

    1. Joanne - this post is a small part of a memoir piece. I am struggling to write 15K words for a memoir class and am finding looking forward easier than looking back. Big thanks for the tip - maybe I can expand on some of my listed entries.

  2. Enjoyed reading your list! A few items on my list include a trip to Spain and participating in a multi-state scavenger hunt.

  3. I'm anti-bucket list, lol.

    When I make ANY kind of goal, I want to do everything right away and make myself crazy. It might also have to do with me knowing too many people who have died too young.

  4. I don't have a bucket list (even though I'm a list-maker, too!), but I've got to get one. Dancing to Thriller with 100 others is definitely going on it!

  5. I so sympathize - I leave scraps of "must do's" all over the house, and setting a long-term goal proves harder than crossing off something simple! I, too, would love to attend a writer's conference, and would love to publish a novel. If I'm being really aspirational, I'd add an African safari - something my grandmother did in her 60's.

  6. You are well on your way to accomplishing all you set out for yourself! And I am a proud friend!