Monday, September 26, 2011

Jumping In

This day was inevitable. For years I have been pale and scared, peering out from the woods near the sandy shoreline, fully covered complete with sunglasses and a hat. Sooner or later, I knew, I was going to have to get closer to the water. I looked forward to abandoning the cold fears and just writing, one word after another. Well, really I look forward to having the confidence, having the clear thoughts, having something meaningful to say.  Getting started comes down to deadlines – internal and external. It is time to sink or swim.

Just over a decade ago I worked for an international arm of a Fortune 20 technology corporation. Managing the hardware specifications of desktop and laptop computers for twelve markets spanning South and Central America, I was entrenched in new technologies months before they hit the retail markets. And I loved my job. With the birth of my second child, my young family needed me more. Fast-forward eleven years and I am woefully out of date on the technology front. These days I am entrenched in the family life, complete with carpool schedules, soccer practices, and volunteering at their various schools. I have avoided blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds; I balked at finding the time for even Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Last fall I accepted a part-time position teaching Computer Technology at my daughter’s middle school. When a fifth-grade student developed a website on his own, it was clear I had some catching up to do – and fast.

Returning to a corporate environment felt like ignoring the last ten years of my life, as if staying home with my children was nothing more than an embarrassing gap on the résumé. So, in January I began graduate classes in the Professional Writing program at Towson University. Writing provides the opportunity to incorporate all of the phases of my life and move forward. I thrive on the deadlines, discussions and readings. I have not even dared to write for myself, so writing for public consumption is terrifying. I have still only shared my work in class or with professors, as required.

This brings me to this blog, actually, this blog assignment. This day is inevitable. I am standing on the sand with my shoes kicked off, pants rolled up and toe pointing towards the water. It is time to step into the water.


  1. Wow! You wrote this blog on the beach?! Lucky you!...kidding of course. I once shared some of your fears about public writing--but now I'm all wet and learning to surf!

  2. That you are, Reggie. That you are.